1. A Class of Hardy Men

    A Class of Hardy Men

    But there is a class of hardy men, old fashioned enough to have remained rugged individuals, openly contemptuous of the trend, passionately devoted to their work, impossible to bribe or seduce, working long hours, often without reward or fame, who are motivated by a common impulse – the joy of doing as they please. At some point along the way they separated from the others.

    The men I speak of…

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  3. The Spirit of Urban America

    The spirit of urban America from the early sixties to today…Lou Reed. What a gifted and extraordinary poet warrior…an in touch man. Rest in Peace.

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  4. Retreat

    I Tripped over 7500 miles this summer. Highlights and memories in Tulsa, Collinsville, and Shawnee…

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  5. Deadheading

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  6. Something Too Big To Be Seen

    Bill Callahan, beautiful poetry accompanied by music…

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  7. Blue Car

    This Greg Brown original is such a great tune. Jeff Bridges does a really good version as well…tough to say which one is better.


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  8. Winter Prayers

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  9. Through a Looking Glass

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  10. Iron & Wine

    Samuel Beam is an amazing talent from Austin, Texas. You need to get past his first song, and the late night ;-)to really hear him find the groove. If you have yet to find an Iron & Wine album in your collection…do yourself a favor. The 3rd song, starting at…

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